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Ub Iwerks

Ub Iwerks cartoons in the public domain on broadcast quality masters

Ub Iwerks Cartoons

Big Bad Wolf, The Ub Iwerks Color

Humpty Dumpty Ub Iwerks Color
In this standard melodrama, Humpty Dumpty Jr. (son of the late celebrity) tries to rescue the lovely Easter Egg from the mustache-twirling villain, Bad Egg. Humpty doesn't do too well at first, and Easter Egg winds up in a pot of boiling water. Before Humpty pulls her out, she gets partially scrambled, turns into a flapper with an attitude, and nearly cleans Bad Egg's clock herself before coming to her senses and reverting back to screaming damsel-in-distress mode. The story ends happily (what, did you think Bad Egg was going to win?).

Little Black Sambo Ub Iwerks 1935 Color
A little boy is warned by mother about the dangerous tiger. The boy paints his dog like a tiger and playfuly stalks the "tiger" while the real tiger stalks them both. The chase is soon on in earnest, but in the end, the boy and his dog defeat the tiger.

Mary's Little Lamb Ub Iwerks 1935 Color
An updated version of the classic nursery rhyme in which Mary's pet lamb follows her to school and disrupts the entire class.

Microbe Army, The Ub Iwerks Black & White

Old Mother Hubbard Ub Iwerks 1935 Color
Old Mother Hubbard's dog brings wealth and happiness to his owner by entertaining an unhappy king (Old King Cole). Old King Cole sings and turkey bones dance.

Simple Simon Ub Iwerks 1935 Color
The classic rhyme of Simple Simon when he met a pieman at the fair is given the Iwerks treatment

Sinbad The Sailor Ub Iwerks 1935 Color
The tale of Sinbad, complete with swordfights and lots of pirates and buccaneers.

Three Bears, The Ub Iwerks Color

Tom Thumb Ub Iwerks 1934 Color
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