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Misc Cartoons

Various cartoons in the public domain on broadcast masters.

Misc Cartoons

Along Came A Duck Tiny Tot 1934 Black & White
A little boy (in live action) chases a poor white duck. He runs into a croaking, singing animated frog. Pretty soon, the duck is animated, too, as the frog tells the story of how he met the duck

Bimbos Auto Porter Color

Cap N' Cub Eshbaugh Black & White

Case Of The Screaming Bishop, The Columbia 1944 Black & White

Circus Capers Pathe 1930 Black & White

Coach For Cinderella, A Handy 1936 Color
The parts and features of a Chevrolet automobile are broken down into units that can be understood in terms of plant and animal life: caterpillars roll into circles and become automobile tires; in the "visible V-6," fireflies equal spark plugs and mice provide motive power. Naturally, tells part of the Cinderella story, too.

Crazytown Harvey Color

Dick Whittingtons Cat Color

Discontented Canary, The Harmon,Ising 1934 Color
A canary, unhappy with his life in a cage, manages to escape. He flies happily through the outdoors. However, he finds the outside world too dangerous for his liking and returns to the safety of captivity.

Dolls Of Many Lands Eb Color

Figurehead Batchelor Color

Fresh Lobster, The Live Mix B Bletcher Black & White

Grandfathers Clock Tiny Tot Black & White
not found on bcdb

Hoppity Goes To Town Color

In A Cartoon Studio Jungle Jinks Black & White

In The Museum Mintz Black & White

Jingles Sy Young Black & White

Magic Flute, The Upa Color

Monkey Doodle Krazytoons Black & White

Moonbird Hubley Color

Once Upon A Time Audio Prods Color

Pest Pupil Harvey-B Huey Color

Quack A Doodle Doo Harvey-B Huey Color

Red Hot Rails Sherwood 1926 Black & White
Good guys and bad guys meet in a battle of wits and silliness

Returnable Bottle Swedish Color

Seapreme Court, The Harvey-L Audry Color

Story Of Time, The Signal Black & White

Suddenly It's Spring Noveltoon 1944 Color
"I'm sorry, there's not much more that I can do for Nancy", says a doctor. The doctor suggests that the best doctor for Nancy would be the sun

Tale Of Two Kitties, A Warner Bros/Tweet Color

Thousand Smile Check Up Heckle and Jeckyl 1960 Color
Heckle & Jeckle's 'Last Chance Service Station' is in jeopardy when a tough bulldog opens up another gas station opens up across the road.

To Spring Harmon,Ising 1936 Color
A group of elves is in charge of adding color back to the landscape for Spring! Old Man Winter fights back, pushing the lever to turn the "Spring machine" off!

Toby The Pup In The Museum 1930 Black & White

Westward Whoa Mutt,Jeff 1926 Color
Ranch hands Mutt and Jeff encounter great difficulty while attempting to brand some highly reluctant cattle.

Winky The Watchman Harmon,Ising Color

Wizard Of Oz, The Eshbaugh Color

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