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Little Lulu Cartoons

Little Lulu Cartoons in the public domain on broadcast quality masters.

Little Lulu Cartoons

Bout With A Trout, A Lulu 1947 Color
To go to school or not? Lulu hears the arguments from both sides -- a "devil" and "angel," each with Lulu's face. Lulu decides to listen to the "devil," skip school and go fishing. Then she bumps her head and has a terrible nightmare, complete with "Swinging On A Star" -- or would you rather be a fish?

Cad And Caddy Lulu 1947 Color
Lulu offers to caddy for a lollipop from a frustrated golfer. The poor guy has a terrible round and welches on the lollipop offer.

Chick And Double Chick Lulu 1946 Color
Little Lulu and her dog are supposed to stand guard over some incubating chicken eggs.

Dog Show Off Lulu Color

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