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Gumby Concerto Color

Gold Rush Gumby Color

Gumbasia Color

Experimental film from Art Clokey.
Mysterious Fires (1957)Color

A messenger from the King arrives to ask for Gumby's help in fighting mysterious fires that have been breaking out in the kingdom's wheat fields, causing a food shortage. Gumby arrives at the castle with a fire truck and helps put out the fires, as well as discovering their cause.

Robot Rumpus (1957)Color

Gumby experiences Y2K problems several decades early when the robots who do his chores for him go haywire, vandalizing his house and digging up his mother's garden. Gumby and his fireman father eventually put a stop to the robotic rampage, but Gumby will henceforth be required to do his own chores.

Shooting Of Dan Mc Grew )Color

Stuck On Books (1957)Color

Gumby and Pokey try to convince their recalcitrant dog friend Nopey to explore a storybook with them (by actually passing through the cover into the book). When Nopey gets stuck halfway into the volume, Gumby and Pokey have to figure out how to pull him free, and then trick him into going back through to the outside world.

Too Loo (1957)Color

Too and Loo escape from the mean Sour Note. Gumby helps Too and Loo find their ?home? instrument in Music Land

Tricky Train (1957)Color

A factory sends Gumby some new toys to try out. Included is a model train with a mind of its own, which takes off cross-country as soon as it's released from its box, despite Gumby's best efforts to stop it. Gumby TV Show

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