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George Pal Puppetoons

George Pal Puppetoons and cartoons in the public domain

George Pal Puppetoons

Date With Duke Pal Puppetoon 1947 Color
Jazz bandleader and composor Duke Ellington performs some musical numbers with "The Puppettoons." The Duke interacts with talking perfume bottles to create his "Perfume Suite."

Jasper And The Haunted House Pal Puppetoon 1942 Color
Jasper gets tricked by shady characters. He ends up in a nasty haunted house!

Jasper Derby Pal Puppetoon 1946 Color
A young boy named Jasper plays his fiddle and this causes the horse to run faster

Jasper In A Jam Pal Puppetoon 1946 Color
Little Jasper is caught in a pawnshop at midnight.

John Henry And The Inki Poo Pal Puppetoon Color

Little Broadcast, The Pal Puppetoon 1915-27 Color

Mr. Strausse Takes A Walk Pal Puppetoon Color

Philips Broadcast 1938 Pal Puppetoon Color

Ship Of The Ether, The Pal Puppetoon Color

Tubby The Tuba George Pal 1947 Color
The orchestra rehearses for it's next concert. Tubby The Tuba wants so desperately to play his own melody, but none of the orchestra would think to allow Tubby to play his own solo. Dejected, Tubby heads for the pound where he meets a kindly old frog. The frog plays Tubby a beautiful melody, and encourages the tuba to play the tune with his orchestra. The next night at rehearsal Tubby plays the frog's tune for the new conductor Senior Pistachio. Pistachio is intrigued by this unique musical accomplishment and Tubby is permitted to play his melody. Before long, everyone in the orchestra is playing the new tune with energy and joy

Tulips Shall Grow George Pal 1943 Color

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