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Famous Studios Cartoons

Famous Studios Cartoons in the public domain.

Famous Studios Cartoons

Base Brawl Famous,Sing-A-Long 1948 Color
Sing-along about a baseball game at the zoo between the Jungle Jumbos and the Forest All-Stars animal teams.

Big Drip, The Famous,Sing-A-Long 1949 Color
Sing-along has the Miracle Weather Bureau predicting 40 days of rain. The animals all start building a giant ark. At the end of the cartoon, an elephant pulls out the drain plug and when all the water runs out, the ark is sitting on top of the Paramount Mountain that then becomes the end title! (This gag is cut from U.M.&M. TV Corp. and N.T.A. television prints.) Watch for a cameo appearance of Buzzy the Crow.

Big Flame Up, The Famous,Sing-A-Long 1949 Color
Sing-along with spot gags about fire fighting. The Fire-Proof Storage Company building is ablaze, and Tim Turtle, on duty at the firehouse, awakens his charges to go on duty. They do valiant battle against the inferno; nonetheless, "There'll Be a Hot Time In the Old Town Tonight" at the finale.

Camptown Races Famous,Sing-A-Long 1948 Color
This series was of animated cartoons that take popular songs of the day and combined Famous Studios animated stars in an effort for audience sing-a-longs.

Cheese Burglar Famous 1946 Color
Herman the mouse hasn't eaten in 29 days - he's gotta do something, but the cat and the dog are guarding the fridge. Then Herman tells them cat and dog are mortal enemies, so they can kill each other, and he can finally get some food.

Comin' Round The Mountain Famous,Sing-A-Long Color

Emerald Isle, The Famous,Sing-A-Long Color

Farm Foolery Famous,Sing-A-Long Color

Funshine State, The Famous,Sing-A-Long Color

Gobs Of Fun Famous,Sing-A-Long Color

Golden State, The Famous,Sing-A-Long Color

Heap Hep Injuns Famous,Sing-A-Long Color

Helter Swelter Famous,Sing-A-Long Color

Henpecked Rooster, The Famous 1944 Color
A Noveltoon featuring Herman

Hysterical History Famous,Sing-A-Long Color

Jingle Jangle Jungle Famous,Sing-A-Long Color

Land Of Lost Jewels Famous 1950 Color
Isabel and her pal Billy are fishing when she loses her favorite grasshopper pin. She gets a underwater tour from a fish named Red Lantern. Red Lantern takes his friends Billy and Isabel to the Land Of Jewels.

Little Brown Jug Famous,Sing-A-Long Color

Little Red School Mouse Famous 1949 Color
In class, a mouse doesn't know what a cat is, so he brings one back to school to show everyone. Of course the cat wants to eat the plump teacher and all the students!

Lone Star State Famous,Sing-A-Long Color

Lost Dream, The Famous 1949 Color
A Noveltoon featuring Little Audrey.

Marriage Wows Famous,Sing-A-Long Color

Mild West, The Famous,Sing-A-Long Color

Much Ado About Mutton Famous 1947 Color
A Noveltoon featuring Blackie the Lamb

Mutt In A Rut, A Famous 1949 Color
A woman finds a black kitten on her snow-covered doorstep and brings it inside, much to the dislike of Dog Face, who makes life miserable for the poor kitten. Later, Dog Face dreams about going to Dog Heaven, but soon the dream becomes a nightmare when he goes to Dog Hell!

Old Mac Donald Had A Farm Famous Color

Our Funny Finny Friends Famous,Sing-A-Long Color

Pleased To Eat You Famous 1950 Color
The King Of Beasts has one major problem, he can't find anything to eat! Once the hungry Lion goes to the zoo, he tries every single way to get a bite to eat, but only to come up empty-handed.

Scrappily Married Famous 1945 Color
Henry Rooster is henpecked and Herman the mouse decides to help him.

Self Made Mongrel, A Famous 1945 Color
A rich man brings home a talking mutt of a dog for companionship, but later when they play a game of 'burglar & watchdog', a real burglar steps in!

Shortnin' Bread Famous,Sing-A-Long Color

Sing Or Swim Famous,Sing-A-Long Color

Skis The Limit, The Famous,Sing-A-Long Color

Spring Song Famous,Sing-A-Long Color

Stork Market, The Famous,Sing-A-Long Color

Strollin' Thru The Park Famous,Sing-A-Long Color

Swing Cleaning Famous 1941 Black & White
It's spring cleaing time at King Little's Palace. Gabby tries to take charge of the situation. But all he does is wreck the castle and get in everybody's way. The film ends with King Little and the royal staff hitting the meddlesome town crier with everything but the kitchen sink.

Toys Will Be Toys Famous,Sing-A-Long Color

Ups And Downs Derby Famous 1950 Color
Lightning the horse has a big race to run, but would rather sleep than race. The jockey tries all sorts of things to get Lightning to wake up.

Win, Place And Showboat Famous,Sing-A-Long Color

Winter Draws On Famous,Sing-A-Long Color

Yankee Doodle Donkey Famous 1944 Color
He saves the day by kicking kegs of flea powder into the advancing flea army. He saves the day by kicking kegs of flea powder into the advancing flea army.

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