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Clutch Cargo

Clutch Cargo Cartoons in the public domain.

Clutch Cargo Cartoons

Desert Queen Ship Wreckers/ The Desert Queen Clutch Cargo 1959 Color
A twenty-nine pound ruby is missing and Clutch must find it.

Friendly Head Hunters Swamp Swindlers/ Friendly Head Hunters Clutch Cargo 1959 Color
While Clutch is at an in-store signing for his new book he gets a telegraph telling him he must go to South America to find a lost friend.

Race Car Mystery Kangaroo Express - Race Car Mystery Clutch Cargo 1950 Color
Clutch's friend has his car sabotaged in a race.When Clutch shows up, the same thing happens to him.

The Pearl Pirates Clutch Cargo 1959 Color
Clutch's south seas island vacation is cut short when the natives tell him their rare black pearls are being stolen.

Vanishing Gold Dinky Incas- Vanishing Gold Clutch Cargo 1959 Color
On the way home from a mountain hideaway, Clutch encounters a miner whose gold is disappearing.

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