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Christmas Cartoons

Christmas Comes But Once A Year Christmas Fleischer 1936 Color
At an orphanage, the children are sad because they received broken toys as gifts. Professor Grampy sees the children while passing by in his sled and has an idea on how to give them a merry Christmas.

Christmas Dreams Christmas 1946 Color
Christmas has arrived. As a little girl and her parents enter the room, the little girl finds all kinds of toys under the Christmas Tree. She immediately throws her old doll aside and starts playing with her new dolls. But that night she has a dream. Or isn't it a dream...

Christmas Fairy Tale Christmas Live Action 1961 Color
A little girl imagines that the nursery rhyme characters in her book have come to life, and sees the story of "The Littlest Snowman" as well.

Christmas Night Christmas Little King 1933 Color
On Christmas Eve, the Little King sneaks two tramps into the castle. The next morning, the three men are thrilled by the presents Santa left behind

Christmas Up North Little King Black & White

Christmas Visit, A Christmas 1959 Color
Santa Claus lends his sparkling sleigh-like Star Shooter to let a child in order to deliver a Christmas tree to his father in Antarctica.

Elf And Mr Little Christmas 1953 Color
We enter The Little Story Shop, with Mr. and Mrs. Little telling us a Christmas tale. It appears Mr. Little was quite the Scrooge back in the day. Carolers were aplenty, always singing, and it drove him nuts just like you will be by the end of the video. (There will be a distraction to many South Park fans because Mrs. Little sounds just like Eric Cartman's Mother.) Mrs. Little goes on to tell the story of how Mr. Little has become such a whiny bastard because he clearly needs help at his toy shop. He indirectly wishes for it, and magically an annoying little elf appears! You want to shoot the elf in the head in the first 30 seconds due to his chalkboard scratching voice. The little troll doll does do plenty of work to help the cranky fart out. Soon the wood lawn ornament on strings gets a woody for a chick passing by staring at a doll in the shop window. It's plain to see that in order for her to get the doll for free, she will have to suffer a few splinters from the elf that probably lives in a van down by the river.

Gift Wrapped Christmas Warner Bros 1952 Color
Sylvester gets a rubber mouse for Christmas, but he much prefers Granny's gift: a new Tweety Bird.

Hector's Hectic Life Christmas Famous 1948 Color
Hector is a dog with an easy life and the run of the house when the lady of the house gives him a more mess and you're out. Hector would be okay if not for the fact that three little puppies have been left on their doorstep. Hector has a hectic time keeping them in line and cleaning up their messes without alerting the lady.

Howdy Doody's Christmas Christmas Howdy Doody 1951 Black & White
It's Christmas Eve and Santa hasn't come yet, so Buffalo Bob Smith, Howdy, and Clarabell The Clown (Bob Keeshan soon-to-be "Captain Kangaroo") decide to take the Rocket Doodle as transportation and head for the North Pole to see what's happened to Santa. When they get there they find out that "Ugly Sam" (Dayton Allen later of "The Steve Allen Show") thinks that Santa is the "Bearded Bandit" and has captured him. So, it's up to Howdy and the Crew to prove differently

Jack Frost Christmas Ub Iwerks 1934 Color
A young grizzly bear, undaunted by his mother's warnings of the coming winter, runs away from home only to be confronted by Old Man Winter himself.

Jingle Bells Christmas Hymnologue 1927 Color
Dave Fleischer directed this animated short that shares similarities with those "follow the bouncing ball" films that had movie audiences singing a song before the picture started. The difference here is that we've got an animated character helping create the song lyrics on the screen and we get a few other animated effects. This thing clocks in less than three-minutes so there's obviously nothing ground-breaking here but if you're a fan of the Fleischer animation then you'll certainly want to watch it. Again, this is just a simple song but it was fun for what it was.

Little Christmas Burro, The Canada Animation, Family 1979 Color
Little Burro goes on a miraculous adventure and witnesses the birth of Christ.

Little Gray Neck Christmas Live Action 1948 Color
Defending a friend, duckling is attacked by fox and must learn to survive.

Little Lamb, The Christmas Live Action 1935 Color
Despite her scolding, Mary's lamb follows her to school. It's the last day of school and the children have planned special festivities and performances. The lamb wants to participate, much to the teacher's chagrin.

Merry Christmas Christmas 1951 Color
Santa's elves at the North Pole are making toys for good girls and boys, while back in the suburbs a family stands around the Christmas tree singing carols.

Night Before Christmas, The Christmas 1941 Color
Well, a mouse *is* stirring... And he's having fun playing with the toys, until he mistakes Tom for a stuffed toy and wakes him up.

O Come All Ye Faithful Christmas Hymnologue 1950 Color
Sing O Come All Ye Faithful in the Style of "Traditional". Stingray Karaoke Holiday, Christmas - Traditional, English, Key F.

O Little Town Of Bethlehem Christmas Hymnologue 1950 Color
Sing O Little Town Of Bethlehem in the Style of "Traditional". Stingray Karaoke Holiday, Christmas - Traditional, English, Key D.

Present For Santa Christmas Official 1947 Color
A PRESENT FOR SANTA CLAUS (1947). Children must go to bed on Christmas Eve, but they annoy their Mother one more time. Dick wants an airplane, electric train, skates, scooter, firetruck and machine gun, and Ann wants a doll, a baby buggy, doll house, tea set and they both want a puppy. Mom explains Santa is caught in the recession, about to go bankrupt and the North Pole is in foreclosure. She warns them that they'd be lucky to get a stick and a rock. The brats are told to shut the light out, but of course they turn it right back on when she leaves. On her way down the stairs, she gets prepared to nag at her husband for not being a real man. He wants to bitch-slap her but is too busy trying to setup a bush he hacked down from the dead neighbor's yard. The kids are still whining about what they want, and they work up a plan to bribe the poor fat guy into feeling guilty if they don't get what they want. They figure if they give Santa a present, he will feel like an ass if he doesn't cave in. The whining escalates as they peruse their shared bedroom for toys they never took care of and try to find something that could pass as a gift. The ruckus alerts Mom that they are up to no good again, and she shuts them up making them hot chocolate, a shot of vodka and a dash of Clonazepam. That should do the trick. On their way off to la-la land, they say "We don't want this crap, so we can leave it for Santa." Not only do they get rid of it, they also leave their warm gift for Santa. So, with parents out of the living room, they trek downstairs with their hot cups of drugged mud and put it at the bottom of the fireplace for Santa to step in and break his neck. Santa arrives and can smell the drugged drink concoctions from the roof. Luckily he noticed the cups on his way down the chimney, took a sip and it appears to be the "best drink he ever tasted". Drunk out of his mind, and hallucinating at the same time, he ends up giving the brats every friggin' thing they asked for. Even the damn puppy! The poor pup is strangled in a stocking ready to fall off the mantle, but after the plethora of bad reaction acting, they "find" the stocking and suicide note from Santa. Puppy still alive, but not happy, and hoping to be brought back to the kennel. But at least Dickie has something to aim at with his new machine gun now! "A merry Christmas everyone everywhere"!

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Christmas Fleischer 1948 Color
Somewhere In Dreamland, Santa's Surprise, Hector's Hectic Life, Snow Foolin, Jack Frost, Christmas Comes But Once A Year, The Night Before Christmas, The Shanty Where Santy Lives

Santa And The Fairy Snow Queen Christmas Live Action 1951 Color
One of Santa Claus' "brownies" (elves) introduces the story of the Fairy Snow Queen, who plays a trick on Santa Claus by bringing all the toys to life just before Claus is due to deliver them to children around the world. She shows Claus what she's done and the toys demonstrate their abilities. The toys are distraught when Claus says they must be turned back into inanimate objects in time for Christmas, but the Fairy Snow Queen comes up with a plan to make everyone happy.

Santa Claus Story Christmas 1945 Color
Monkeys Don't Have a Santa Claus"?! ... A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation. ... 'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse but there are plenty of monkeys stirring all over the damn place in this video. Someone must have said "Oh, look at all this stock footage of monkeys I found let's make a Christmas film out of it and call it the Santa Claus Story!" makes perfect sense to me! It's Christmas Eve and the kids, Virginia and Jacky (Wait... is that Leonardo Dicaprio?!) and are sleeping. Santa arrives and wakes the kids. They rush to the living room and assume it's their Father. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, as he instructs them to sit on his lap. A long narrow sock puppet pops up between them, and he proceeds to prove to the children that he is the real Santa by telling them a story about monkeys. We are then deluged with hundreds of monkeys living on "Monkey Mountain". The further explain how he is the real Santa, he tells them about one of the monkeys named Charly, who like pretzels. Apparently all monkeys looks alike so they can call any monkey Charly in further found stock footage. Enter the Doctor's office where "Charly" clearly ate too many pretzels or something. Of course that turns into getting a cold, and monkeys taking a foot bath before bed. All further proving that he is indeed the real Santa. He goes on to explain monkey holidays. They enjoy "dunking for apples" and dressing up. Then jump to monkeys laying bricks, and it appears at some point they will build a chimney for Santa to visit them in the jungle, all while doing something else with the bricks. The brick laying stock ... uhm... I mean chimney making turns into a feast when the monkeys start eating all the cement. Sure, Santa calls the cement "whipped cream". Finally we have actual stock footage of monkeys at Christmas. coming down the chimney, wearing a Santa costume, and in bed waiting for the gifts. Then the monkeys go away, and Santa then reads, verbatim, the famous letter from Virginia, another Virginia ...

Santa In Animal Land Christmas Live Action 1948 Color
Animal puppets seek out Santa to find out why he doesn't deliver presents to them.

Santas Surprise Christmas Little Audrey 1947 Color
Five children from around the world follow Santa home on Christmas Eve, and decide to give him some extra help around the workshop.

Scarecrow, The Christmas Fleischer 1920 Color
Two inventive farmhands compete for the hand of the same girl.

Shanty Where Santa Claus Lives Christmas 1933 Black & White
Christmas Eve. A poor orphan boy trudges through the snow, pathetically. He finally arrives at his miserable cabin. While he is crying, Santa arrives and, singing the title song, offers to take the boy to his workshop. They arrive, and the toys go wild (in the full version, they sing the title song, but this has been censored in some versions due to outdated stereotypes). He plays with a few toys. A candle falls off the tree and starts a fire. The toys try in vain to fight the fire; the boy hooks up a hose to a set of bagpipes and takes care of it.

Silent Night-Vienna Boys Choir Christmas Live Action 1954 Color
Kinescope of one segment of a program appearing on the television cultural-anthology series Omnibus, originating from The Cloisters museum and gardens. The choir sings Christmas songs while moving from gallery to gallery and carrying lighted tapers. Hosted by Alastair Cooke.

Silent Nite, Story Of Christmas Christmas 1953 Color
"Silent Night" (German: Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht) is a popular Christmas carol. The original lyrics of the song Stille Nacht were written in Austria by the priest Father Joseph Mohr and the melody was composed by the Austrian headmaster Franz Xaver Gruber. In 1859, John Freeman Young (second Bishop, Episcopal Diocese of Florida) published the English translation that is most frequently sung today. The version of the melody that is generally sung today differs slightly (particularly in the final strain) from Gruber's original, which was a sprightly, dance-like tune in 6/8, as opposed to the slow, meditative lullaby version generally sung today. Today, the lyrics and melody are in the public domain. The carol was first performed in the Nikolaus-Kirche (Church of St. Nicholas) in Oberndorf, Austria on December 24, 1818. Mohr had composed the words two years earlier, in 1816, but on Christmas Eve brought them to Gruber and asked him to compose a melody and guitar accompaniment for the church service.

Snow Foolin' Christmas Famous,Sing-A-Long Color
Funny little animals put on their winter coats and invite the audience to sing. Bouncing Ball Screen Song Cartoon.

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